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Wikimedians Digest on Discourse


There fellow testers of the pilot installation of Discourse,

There has been some influx in the last week. Fifteen new users, bringing the total to 62. Thanks to Andrew Lih and his posts in Wikipedia Weekly on Facebook. Yuvi Panda promises a technical evaluation (from Wikimedia ops perspective) if the poll gets a combined 20 people chosing ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ promising. Please visit the poll, and cast your votes! I would really like that.

@fuzheado remarked that he prefers the mobile view to the desktop view. To get the mobile view on desktop, add ?mobile_view=1 to the url.

There is no plan. The idea is to try discourse as an alternative to a mailing list. This is not meant as an alternative to talk pages on a wiki. @brion started a thread about possible integration of discourse and mediawiki. Very imaginative, I haven’t thought about that.

Please check the settings in your preferences if you receive too many mails. There are ways to mute categories.

Song and dance
@wittylama promoted me to chief cheerleader. Now I need a song, a dance and a proper outfit to entertain you :grinning:

Friends in high places @Denny have asked about signing in with Wikimedia credentials. That might help prioritize work to be done to make it happen. Privately I think it is as essential as Oauth is essential for signing in for the mailing lists. You can follow the Phabricator ticket for SSO.

Talking of Phabricator: who needs talk pages, mailing lists, Flow, Discourse, while we have Phabricator?
Me thinks Phabricator is under appreciated. Theoretically Phabricator provides essentially a forum with a webinterface. Has anybody called for Phabricator+MediaWiki integration yet? How come my impression is for current preference ordering of quite a lot of people to be Facebook > mailing lists > talk pages > Phabricator. Do you agree with the ordering? Where would Discourse end up in this ordering?


Regarding mediawiki+phabricator integration: we do have authentication (you can use your Wikimedia credentials to log into phabricator, or your gerrit credentials which are separate but connected to the Wikimedia Labs credentials… maybe there’s too many choices actually. :wink:

Definitely would be nice to have better integration on notifications probably, but that might be tricky. Worth considering as we talk about similar issues with discourse!


@brion I thought about your list you mentioned for discourse as an
alternative for talk pages: Visual Editor, {{templates}}, [[wiki linking]]
and other kinds of integration beyond Oauth.


Sounds cool. I like the idea of being able to track discussions and then stop tracking them when they’re resolved. The first thing that comes to mind though is the lack of discoverability of ongoing discussions. Discourse seems to be good at giving an overview of what’s currently going on and what’s worth reading more of (especially with the new front-page layout; thanks for that). Does Phabricator do that? Or is it just a matter of it being easier here at the moment because there’s not 10,000 messages here yet?

Anyway, yeah, a means of flagging wiki pages from here would be great (so that something appears on-wiki to anyone viewing that page). The forum-side complement to the {{Phabricator}} templates I guess. :slight_smile: