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Wikimedia Space and the future of this Discourse instance

Hi, you may or may not have heard about Wikimedia Space and its Discuss section, which is based on Discourse.

Wikimedia Space is a prototype, possible today among other things thanks to the visionary & pioneering work of @Ad_Huikeshoven and other early users of this instance. Thank you so much!

Now… should we all move to Wikimedia Space, and continue pursuing there mailing list integration, the main goal of this instance when it was created?

I started a discussion here:

Also as one of the maintainers of this instance, which hasn’t seen much activity later, I think we could just deprecate it, leave it in read-only mode for a while in case people want to recover anything, and then turn it off.

What do you think?

PS: Since probably not many people is watching this space, one possibility would be to send an email to all registered users pointing to this topic, so everyone is allegedly aware.

I think we should all move over there.

Is it possible to import content from here to that instance? (Maybe not the mailing list sync’d items.)

I haven’t looked in a while. Is there content worth migrating?

(I got notification via email so I woke up)

I own that redirects to as described in Getting into MediaWiki development. Not much happened there though (although PostgreSQL support is progressing at its pace).

It is trivial to redirect the domain name somewhere else, not sure if there is any content to point to, really.

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(Here on Discours I can reply per e-mail. On Spaces not, or do I have to toggle a setting myself?)

Hi Quim,

I think served its purpose. Before closing, locking, archiving, deleting all content and finally removing the dns entry it might be wise to notify the users about spaces, inviting them to come over, safeify what they need and so on. It was a test instance never meant to be kept alive for ever.

Some remarks on wikimedia-l make me extra happy about the move to spaces, a place where any user can flag content as inappropriate or uncivil.

However we should also keep in mind spaces is a prototype. I think good enough to replace For production it should meet diversity and inclusion standards. That is be global, multilingual, with a balance between staff and volunteers. Some volunteer moderators for example would be a good idea, with proper instruction and training.

Reality is most editors/contributors stick to their home wiki and hardly ever visit another project, meta or mailinglist.WMNL has held surveys to back this up with data. Only a small percentage wanders around and meets off line too.

Good luck with your endeavours.

Best wishes,


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(We haven’t enabled email support at Space yet. It’s in the ToDo, but if people asks for it, then we will prioritize accordingly.) :slight_smile:

@saper There are 10 posts that are ~2 years old. If you want to keep that content, can you copy it manually?

Nobody else seems to be interested in keeping any content. I’m for sending a final Good Bye message to everyone, making a final Discourse backup, keep it somewhere safe just in case, and destroy this instance.

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Sure, that’s fine. I just wanted to wave a hand what kind of stuff is still there.

I think I’ll just repost and updated version of MySQL-specific hacks in the API code since I have linked it from

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I strongly recommend putting a big banner on this site redirecting folks to this topic and/or to:

Otherwise, it’s hard to tell that is no longer active!