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#1 is using their own central authentication scheme. It seems that getting that to work is some obstacle to upgrade to something recent.

MediaWiki PHP authentication code is available in the PostgreSQL git repository, but it does not seem to work out of the box (according to mastermind on IRC).

Probably it might be a good idea and a nice gift to the PostgreSQL community to move that one into a reasonably easy to maintain extension.


Auth code usually needs to be completely rewritten for 1.27+. If you want to take a shot at it, the redirection on logout should probably happen in a UserLogoutComplete hook (and if you want to get fancy, it could use an embedded image instead of redirecting the browser - see CentralAuthHooks::onUserLogoutComplete); the login code should work roughly the way the GoogleLogin extension does (register a PrimaryAuthenticationProvider which returns a ButtonAuthenticationRequest subclass for getAuthenticationRequests and an AuthenticationResponse::newRedirect() on login; disallow account creation; update real name/email after a successful login).