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Where am I posting?


Hi, I’m looking forward to test this space on mobile. So far the UI is convenient…

Just one question to be sure: can a message posted here end up in Wikimedia-l “by accident”? What is the sync deal?



Thank you for testing out the mobile experience. You’re post ends up here: Where am I posting?. Your post ended up in the category site-feedback . There is a wikimedia-l category here. There is no way yet your post ends up in “Wikimedia-l” by accident, that is, posts are not forwarded to

Syncing the mailinglist and might be possible. You’re actually the first one to ask for a sync. The current set up is a pilot installation to test Discourse as an alternative to wikimedia-l.

Since today, thanks to Erik Bernhardson, you can reply by e-mail on notifications you have received by e-mail. “Members” - Discourse users with trust level 2 - can also post new topics by e-mail by sending your new post to I just promoted you to trust level 2, so now you can post a new topic by e-mail.

Best regards,



Thank you!

PS: I see guidelines and barnstars. Very interesting. :slightly_smiling:

PS2: I wonder how this syntax renders in plaintext email notifications.


The “where am I posting” was the first question I had too :slight_smile:
So, to clarify… for the moment the mailing list and this Discourse category (both of which are called “wikimedia-l” are independently operating? That is - posting on the mailing list will not replicate on Discourse (and vice versa)?


There is no synchronization or replication between mailing list and discourse yet. @Austin is helping to figure things out how this can materialize. You might have a look at this post: Synchronization.


Can I set a pref to give me a more compact view?


That is a very broad question. Which (kind) of page are you referring?
What kind of device do you use? You can set preferences to watch or not
watch categories. You can go to the “latest” page to see just the last
posts and replies.


@peteforsythtest corrected the typo, you were right