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Upgrading Discourse



Let’s use this thread to coordinate upgrades of this Discourse instance.

We have Version v1.9.0.beta14 and v1.9.0.beta16 is available. There no dependency upgrades required, only Discourse itself. Should we go ahead?


From the previous upgrade I learned to be cautious.


We also learned that leaving a lot of space between upgrades is risky.


Upgrade done. This one went smoothly.


We should talk about backups and public dumps… :slight_smile:


Unless something is really wrong with how Discourse does version numbering, skipping any number of betas should not count as leaving too much space.


I agree with @samwilson, backups and public dumps should come earlier than later (hey I’m feeling that this is not the most idiomatic way to utter that, but it’s a bit late here and I’m starting to fall asleep). :sleeping:

I think I’m at risk to overuse smileys like a teenager with this colon feature :laughing: :see_no_evil: :underage:


Automated weekly backups can be found at admin/backups. The last one is from Dec 25. The five last backups are automatically stored.

Public data dumps, I see Sam already posted at


Yes, the backups are currently being generated — so we just need to do two things: test them, and shift them periodically off to another place (I’ve no idea where). If the VPS goes kaput, then in the current situation, all is gone (I think? is that right?).

I think we might be needing to look making our own Discourse plugin, if we really want public sanitized dumps; it sounds like such a feature does not yet exist.


About backups, I would keep the current setup for the pilot(s) and plan anything serious for the deployment in production. I guess doing the same as we do with Phabricator would be enough?

Dumps, why do we need dumps if we have a good backups setup? Do we provide dumps for Phabricator, Gerrit, our mailing lists…?


2.2.0.beta4 is available; we’re on v2.0.0.beta1

The most recent backup is from 2018-11-23 (33.2 MB).

Should we try restoring from a backup before we run the upgrade?


Sorry for the very late reply.

What we need is more space. Now we cannot even rebuild discourse because we don’t have the 5GB of free space required. We need to decide how to proceed, keeping both discourses in one bigger instance or move one discourse to another instance.


We have jumped from 2.0.0beta7 to beta2.2.0beta8 (note the “2.2”).

This has been a big jump of version. You can see a summary of new features here.