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Hi readers of Wikimedia Discourse,

This installation is up and running with reply by email and post by email. This is a pilot to test things. Can this work as an alternative for a mailinglist, such as wikimedia-l or wikisource-l. Currently there is no synchronization of posts between one or more of the mailinglists and this discourse installation.

Is this something worthwhile to try?

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I enthusiastically support at least trying this, and have created a phabricator ticket for Wikimedia-l:


Thanks, and I linked it to another ticket on phabricator. With help from I figured out that it might be possible to serve multiple mailing lists with one discourse installation, see Here wikimedia-l has its category wikimedia-l, and wikisource-l has its category wikisource-l. There will be one mail address from which discourse polls. That mail address has several aliases, one for each mailing list, and the category email setting will use one of the aliases.


It’s actually pretty confusing to call the discourse category wikimedia-l if they aren’t synchronized. If we can’t get that to work, we should rename the category to something distinct.


Sorry. I did look into this, but last weekend I was a bit preoccupied with something else on the mailing list.

I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.


@jcrben admins can create combinations of topics - like “Wikimedia-L” & “Strategy” or “Wikimedia-L” & “WMF Announcements” so you can focus your interests on specific combinations of topics.


That’s a good point @jcrben I think if there isn’t to be any synchronisation between them then the categories here on Discourse should be renamed. On the other hand, it sounds like there’s work in progress in getting the lists linked to Discoruse (which would be brill!) and so then keeping the names the same would make things clearer. And that’s cool, @AlleyCat80 that it’s possible to do conjunctions of topics. :slight_smile:


I hear your voice. It was confusing Indeed. This is a pilot test and your feedback is appreciated. The suffix l for list replaced with d for discourse.


Combination of topics? I have to look into that when I’m back at desktop.


@Austin did you manage to create the wikitech account?

I’m also a developer and I’m willing to pitch in some time to get this working. I don’t think the initiative will come to much without it.

"mailing list mode" and syncing with mailing lists

I have started a fresh thread about Blurring the distinction between mailing list and web forum. Let’s discuss there.