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Request: sub category for local meetup/event planning



Can we request a new category for meetups and local events? If we could get a meetup section, with a subcategory for the Bay Area (California), we would start using it for planning our Bay Area Wiki Salon events.

We currently have a meetup page on English Wikipedia and another page on Meta Wiki, but we still end up doing most of our coordination over email. Someone in our group suggested that it would be useful to do this more publicly—and I agree!—and think Discourse could be a great platform. I’d rather not set up and maintain a full installation just for our relatively small but dedicate group. It would be at least ~4 people using it on a monthly basis, and possibly more if we promoted it at our event.

Could we get a category? Something like [Local events] > [Bay Area]? What’s the right process for requesting new categories?



Sounds like a good idea! I can create cats.

What about just a ‘Local events’ category, and then use tags within that to differentiate different meetups/salons/etc.?


Okay, new category is: #local-events and tags can be added as required.


Thanks! Can you create a tag for Bay Area Wiki Salon?


Oh oops, I forgot that it requires level 3 to create tags. Done: #bay-area-wiki-salon.