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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wmfall] Wikimedia Foundation executive transition update


Thank you, Patricio.

I want to thank the Board for this opportunity, and for their confidence in
the Foundation. I also want to thank community members and staff for
continuing to be such committed advocates for our future – your passion
and belief in our movement and purpose have been tremendous things to

As a movement, we’ve had some challenges lately.

Dear Katherine,

The board of Wikimedia Nederland had a regular meeting on Thursday evening.
We wrapped up hours before the announcement of Patricio and your message.
Fellow board members have had their worries expressed about what was going
on. We were not aware about this news coming. I haven’t checked with my
fellow board members, but I’m sure they allow me to congratulate you on
behalf of the whole board and wish you lots of strength and wisdom during
the interim transition period. I’m looking forward to meet you again in
Berlin at the Wikimedia Conference 2016.

Have a nice weekend,

Ad Huikeshoven