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Re: [Wikimedia-l] An Open Letter to Wikimedia Foundation BoT


Dear friends,

Dear friends of open and free knowledge,

Let us raise the bar,
To the level of positive and constructive,
Don’t bite the newcomers,
Assume good faith.

Keep a good balance,
Between work and life,
Don’t do overtime without prior authorization,
Enjoy your weekend.

Meet friends and family,
Engage in meaningful discourse,
Go on a hike, walking or biking,
Enjoy fresh air.

Find a mentor and a coach,
If you don’t have one,
Start journaling for a daily
Reflection on accomplishment,
And to record your gratitude.

Be nice to your boss,
The next one maybe worse.

Acknowledge that we live,
In a complex and confusing world,
Rapidly changing both within,
And outside the Wikimedia movement.

Question the ability of the BoT,
To rubberstamp decisions based on,
Recommendations by the FDC.

Join the pilot or experiment at,
Https:// ,
And set your preferences for
Categories to watch or unwatch,
And mute whatever you like.

There are so many positions unfillled,
That I don’t recommend to open more,
Before I have asked suggestions,
From each of you for who would be:

A great CTO at the Wikipedia Foundation A great leader of Community
Or someone to fill the BoT seat,
Vacated by Arnnon Geshuri.

Have a nice weekend,

Ad Huikeshoven