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Planning the July 2018 Bay Area Wiki Salon



Let’s discuss the plan for the July 2018 Bay Area Wiki Salon! The theme of the day will be reliable sources on Wikipedia.



Thanks for starting this thread!

Would the RS “quiz show” that I’m trying to develop function like the Q&A following Wayne’s presentation? (I’m just trying to understand the time/format) - so it would be 10 - 15 minutes long?

Let me know, and I’d love some feedback on this idea!

  • Start with a few intro slides about “what is a source”, "what is ‘published’ "
    Make these multiple choice, where one response “does not fit” - for example, a silly one:
    What does the word “source” mean in the context of citing to Wikipedia? (select the incorrect one):
  1. The piece of work itself (the article, book)
  2. The creator of the work (the writer, journalist)
  3. The publisher of the work (for example, Random House or Cambridge University Press)
  4. The person on the bus who quoted the work to you and inspired you to cite it on Wikipedia
  • Make a few slides that have “types of sources” written on them - for example “dissertation”, “Facebook post”, “isolated study”, etc. and ask audience if they are reliable, per the guidelines.
  • Choose a few specific sources in advance to put on screen and invite audience to discuss their reliability
  • demonstrate going to RS/N to search Noticeboard discussions regarding those sources
  • any ideas for sources to use as an example for this, based on conversations/experiences any of you have had?

One question for Stephen – would it be possible to get some swag that we could give out as prizes for the quiz show?


Yes, I can bring two water bottles as prizes.

I say aim for 10 minutes, and we can go for 15 mins or so if there is a lot of interest. The crowd will likely not be as big this week, so that may affect the level of interactivity.

I think the Reliable Sources Noticeboard can be a great place to find a few interesting example sources that are on the edge. I’d like people to really explore some of the challenging nuance of reliable sources, rather than judging sources by their title or format—“Never cite the Daily” or “Never cite primary studies” are myths that I’d like to debunk, so people can think about why a source is reliable or not.

For the quiz, I’d recommend picking examples that illustrate aspects of the policy, rather than just pointing out a particular source by name. That means questions about things like how Wikipedia tries to cover breaking news, biased/polarizing sources, very local topics, issues without significant coverage, or issues with tons of coverage but very minimal substance.


Thanks, Stephen! These are all great ideas and super helpful. However, I think to do the whole quiz show idea properly will require more research and time. Let’s bring up the idea of making a quiz show at the salon and see if others are interested in working together on it for a future salon. I will meanwhile incorporate these general principles into my demo for citing a reliable source (In the presentation, I’ll go through the journey of looking into the reliable source noticeboard to read past discussions and point out the different places where one can read policy and guidelines, and invite discussion if the group seems into it).


:+1: Makes sense. Thanks for stepping up to do the demo!