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Onebox & Commons


Commons - video.

Commons - picture.






Does this mean MediaWiki needs to support ?


I get a bit lost with Open Graph, oEmbed, but yeah, one of these. I learned this the hard way yesterday:


The relevant tasks are (easy-ish and somewhat shocking that we don’t do it already given that so many things use it - Facebook previews, Twitters cards, just about any social media site…) and (would have to figure out license display, which tends to be contentious; also our video code is held together by duct tape so might require some refactoring first). TBH sharing Commons media links does not sound like a major enough use case to merit much attention. Phabricator and MediaWiki links would be more frequent, I’m not sure how much value is added by OneBox (vs. mini OneBox) there; it mostly just seems to make the comment hard to read. I really like Phabricator’s approach of displaying the title & status and putting the rest in a popup, I wonder if that’s an option in Discourse…


I wonder what exactly makes the mini onebox trigger, looks like my comment did not make it.

OneBox always works for direct image refererences (which is probably something we want to explicitly prevent due to licensing issues):


Mini one-box needs to be inline. It cannot be at the beginning of a paragraph. It requires at least one space before.