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New Board for Wikimedia Belgium


Romaine wrote to wikimedia-l: 1

Hello all,

We as Wikimedia Belgium now have a new board installed with the General
Assembly of Saturday 23 January 2016.

Three board members leave (due time constraints):

  • MADe - our hard working president who focussed on the goal of founding
    Wikimedia Belgium and he did!

  • M0tty - our vice president who is one of the founders and collaborated
    with the Mundaneum.

  • Dimi z - our international liaison and one of the founders and is the
    face to the European politicians in Brussels.

All three remain active for Wikimedia Belgium in an advisory role for the

Thank you MADe, M0tty & Dimi z for your work the past years!

Two board members come in:

  • SPQRobin - member of the Wikimedia language committee, developer, and
    long term Wikipedia editor.

  • Lfurter - graphic designer, researcher, curator, and organiser of
    multiple Wikimedia events.

Welcome SPQRobin & Lfurter!

Also a new president of our chapter has been elected. This is now Geertivp.

Geertivp had in the board the role of secretary, which included a
performance on Belgian television last week. Thank you for your work as
secretary and success with the role as president!

SPQRobin takes over the role of secretary from Geertivp.



Congratulations to the new board and president!


Congrats! :raised_hands: