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"mailing list mode" and syncing with mailing lists


What is the status of of syncing with mailing lists? Is this te reason why “mailing list mode” is enabled?

If possible to decouple, I would disable mailing list mode, which generates plenty of notifications to all users by default, even notifications for own posts.

I was reading this to see whether there could be intermediate solutions…


There is no real sync tried yet, by lack of volunteer capacity.


I think individual users can override mailing list mode can’t they? The seems to be a site-wide config to “disable mailing list mode”; is there also one for whether it’s the default for users?


I’d rather have “mailing list mode” disabled. Users can watch categories, tags, posts…


I’ve disabled “Send an email for every new post by default.”

Does this change your own setting? (I’d already disabled mine, so it hasn’t changed.) Or does it stay set for existing users?


I think it changed a bit (because I posted a reply and didn’t get an email, as it happened before), but I still had to disable mailing list mode in my own preferences. Kind of strange, but I think I have now the behavior that I wish.


Re: email: I tried to reply to 2 threads earlier today, but did so with the wrong email account.
I did get an “Email issue – Unexpected Reply Address” message from Discourse, but only once. So it isn’t obvious that my second reply didn’t make it through.


People can check user activity in their profiles i.e.


Ah, now I see where the previous configuration came from: Join the meta discussion!


This instance was set up specifically as (a test for) an alternative for mailing lists which are a poor experience (no search, hard to filter by topic, disconnected user identities, text-only, no way to refactor or moderate discussions etc.) but on the other hand many people prefer the flexibility of using a mail client for discussion, so that’s where the intent to to be mailing-list-like came from. That said I agree such behavior does not have to be the default, as long as it is easy to enable.


UPDATE: after reading more of the discussion at meta (e.g. and I’m more inclined towards HyperKitty. UX is my major complaint with the existing mailing list and this seems to largely address it.

I’m a developer and as I mentioned over at Synchronization I’m willing to volunteer a bit to get this rolling.

Noticed this discussion upstream


I have started a fresh thread about Blurring the distinction between mailing list and web forum. Let’s discuss there.