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Let's talk about internationalisation and localisation



Well, that’s a topic I really like, and which is of high importance in our community I believe. Although, obviously, this thread topic is far too broad, but this is a phase test I believe, so I am just testing and see where it can leads. :slight_smile:

Are they some narrower subtopics that could be relevant to discuss here?

Also, for not letting this current thread in a completely constructive state, what about creating some tags, like “internationalisation”? By the way, does discourse have support for category alias, like “internationalization” and “i18n”?



Discourse allows users to define their preferred locale at

There is also a setting to “set interface language for anonymous users from their web browser’s language headers. (EXPERIMENTAL, does not work with anonymous cache)”

If a language is missing, there is a process upstream to contribute translations using Transifex.

There are no tag aliases in Discourse, and so far no plans to develop this functionality: