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Hi Discoursing Wikimedians,

There is an ongoing discussion about Discourse on meta. Off course, everything is on meta.
You’ll find the page there: and also a discussion:

So, who are we going to greet next?



Hey, just to say that I am here and testing with the rest of you :slightly_smiling:


I am using this thread for talking about configuration features. I am sending one by one, as I am finding them.

First, the two next features should be turned on by deafult:

  • Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)
  • Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site

Consequently, the next one should be turned off:

  • When I don’t visit here, send an email digest of what’s new:

That’s for the people used to use discussions in the form of mailing lists, as our primary discussions are in the form of the mailing lists. If anyone wants to use Discourse as forum, that person would have to reverse those features.

"mailing list mode" and syncing with mailing lists
Enabling email digest

Welcome again Milos. The default preferences have been set the way you proposed! Thanks for pointing this out.


May you shorten the subject lines to:

  • [Discourse Pilot for Wikimedia] => [Wikimedia Discourse]
  • [Wikimedia mailinglists/wikimedia-l] => [wikimedia-l]

I know it’s not pedantic, but that long subjects are making the actual content of the subject line unreadable.


Thanks Milos,
*I have renamed the title. [Discourse Pilot for Wikimedia] => [Wikimedia Discourse]
*I created a top category wikimedia-l, moved posts in the subcategory wikimedia-l within parent category Wikimedia mailingslists to the new top category, deleted the said subcategory, and deleted the said parent category. Now new posts in a (top) category will have as subject line [“name of top category”].


Hi, just testing the software and poking around. Nice to see this effort! -Pete


I guess it is OK to resuscitate this old thread, since not much activity has happened since then.

This configuration would work in a setup where one Discourse instance would cover only one mailing list. However, the situation changes if one Discourse instance covers many mailing lists. It is more likely that new Discourse users want to start clean and then “subscribe” to the categories they are interested, as opposed to start with a flood of emails and then “unsubscribe” from the categories (mailing lists) they are not interested about.

As for the digest, I think it is more useful than not by default, because it gives users a view of the most relevant activities going on beyond the categories (mailing lists) they are subscribed to. I think it is better to have it enabled by default, and let users to change this in their preferences.

In general this is how I see users transitioning from mailing lists to Discourse, if this pilot is ever successful:

  1. Mailing list X (let’s say wikimedia-l) exists, and the user is subscribed to it.
  2. (or whatever the name) is deployed in production after a successful pilot.
  3. There is one category for wikimedia-l which is synced with the mailing list both receiving and posting.
  4. The user subscribed to wikimedia-l starts to watch the category “wikimedia-l”, getting the same notifications (email or not, up to the user) per duplicate.
  5. After checking that the system works, the user unsubscribes from wikimedia-l and uses Discourse only.

Is this how you see it as well?


Yes, that is a possible transition path. A total other one is to have talk pages of wikis perform like discourse.


Shouldn’t we encourage people to join here to discuss rather than using Meta?