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In addition to a way to mark a thread as resolved or something


I think I’ll also miss the ability to use the Tracked template.
No, I will not copy/paste weird code here :stuck_out_tongue:
(Yellow panel, stop bothering me. now.)


Test 1:

Test 2:

Test 3:

The idea is that just pasting the URL would bring a “OneBox” with the basic information. We are not there yet, but it’s “just” code (on Phabricator’s side, maybe some more on Discourse’s side).

To see what could be achieved, check with any GitHub URL, i.e.

I actually brough this topic just yesterday in Discourse / Phabricator projects upstream:


Can tags be used to mark as resolved?


Yes, and this is what we have since 5 minutes ago: #solved

However, if we want to mark topics as resolved, we should consider


OK, due to something weird in a setting (a white space?) inline URLs were not rendering the title of the destination page. Now they do.

Test again: