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Implement discourse as is or modify. What kinds of mods?


How is Discourse working?


Do you have any feature in mind? Anything you want to do, anything you are missing?


Well, obviously, the Oauth integration, but there is already a phabricator ticket about that from what I heard.

Also it would be interesting to investigate how wiki/mailling-list/IRC conversations might be turned to discourse threads through some software facilities.

For what I know, discourse permit to use markdown and PHPbb syntax. Maybe allowing a (subset) of Mediawiki syntax would be nice. Or the otherway, on Wikimedia instances of Wikimedia, having a tool to export to to misc. format. Wherever it would be integrated, this could be a simple wrapper around something like pandoc.


Discourse supports mailing list integration out of the box. It is more a social matter than a technical one.

IRC, see

Official plugin for chatroom integration, plus other third party plugins for native chat.


I’d personally request automatic topic closure in certain sections (maybe mailing list sections) after say 30 days so that people can move on and not just necropost.


This feature is supported by Discourse out of the box. It is a matter of deciding which category gets their topics closed after how long. The period can be set in absolute terms or relative to the last activity in the topic.


Not a huge fan of automatic closure. “Necroposting” can be appropriate as it promotes cohesion (keeping related conversations together). Note, for example, that this post suggesting automatic closure is a necropost. Might make more sense if/when this place is seeing more traffic.