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Here goes a topic with a wiki first post


Edit me!

This is an edit after the fact. Done in less than 3 minutes, so no diff.

And this is a later edit, so let’s see now.

Hm, it might be that there is no diff as long as nobody else has seen this page, no notification about has been sent?
Ah, now a diff came.

I can edit 2

So anyone at all can edit this? (Says Sam, later on.)


I edited it, and then spend 30 seconds figuring out that the history is available via the green time stamp at top right of the post. :slight_smile:

And can anyone edit it, or was I allowed to just because I’m an admin? I assume the former.


This is defined in Settings > Trust levels. We currently have the default values:

  • The minimum trust level required to edit post marked as wiki: 1 (aka all registered users except the very new ones)
  • The minimum trust level required to make user’s own post wiki: 3 (aka regular contributors with a good track)

For more information about trust levels, see What do user trust levels do?