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Getting into MediaWiki development


Welcome to the PostgreSQL/MediaWiki discussion space is a shortcut to this place.

Here are a couple of links to help get you started with MediaWiki development:

Cloning MediaWiki core:

git clone


Nice idea re the short URLs! You own those domains I presume? (Keep in mind that this Discourse is still an experiment—from what I understand—and so it’s future isn’t guaranteed.)

I’ve been meaning to do more with postgres; been learning about postgis a bit lately, at a local geogeeks group. :slight_smile: Is great fun!


Yes, I know it is experimental - actually a shortcut may help to move it somewhere else if required.

I have bought those domains prior to my 2016 talk to let interested people to quickly jump in and follow up if they can.

Actually it could be interesting to try a bit tighter integration of PostGIS with MediaWiki - some things could be delivered directly from there into articles!

Let me know if you managed to install wiki on PostgreSQL as well…