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Fwd: [Wikimedia-l] Why take grants? (was: Can we see the Knight grant application and grant offer?)



As a test I forwarding a message from the list to Discourse Wikimedia.
You should have received a notification of a new post by e-mail.
Erik has set up this functionality. Thank you Erik.
Reply by mail has also been set up. Milos, could you please reply
by mail to this post to test if this really works?




Oops. What was in the wikimedia-l post doesn’t show up here. Checking my sent box in gmail: the original post is still below “…” and apparently Discourse does strip that part.


I think (is this right?) that if the original message had been in Discourse, your reply would have appeared below it correctly. So perhaps there’s some way of importing earlier messages? Or maybe it doesn’t matter as it would only affect the ‘cross-over’ messages who’s threads didn’t originate within Discourse?


Was it a reply or a proper forward? Stripping replies from the end of the message makes sense most of the time. Stripping forwarded parts would be weird.


Yes, it was a forward.


It looks like forwarding to Discourse doesn’t preserve the forwarded email. I guess there might be a difference between forwarding inline and forwarding as an attachment though?

There’s a bit of discussion about this here: