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First sandbox @Qgil


First sandbox @Qgil to test


It works! 20 characters!


I have to see how to reply.


@Trizek Now you see how someone just landing to the site and posting directly gets their post in moderation first. In exchange of this, spammers in a rush don’t spam so easily.


I hope we will have enough moderators to avoir a barrier in important comments or in to suggest new topics on not really popular features.


@Trizek The exact reason why your email was sent to the moderation queue was that you were a new user (trust level 0) AND you typed your first message too fast. This is considered by the software a pattern of potential spam, which is fair enough.

If a new user writes a first post in more than a few seconds (which is the normal scenario for, say, asking a question), then the post will go through.


I keep getting the yellow “This panel will only appear for your first 2 posts.” panel. This is my 4th post I think.


It should go away eventually. But yes, I also remember seeing it more times than wished.