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Enabling email digest



Currently email digest is disabled. I propose to enable it to its default configuration: a weekly digest.

I think these digests are an interesting feature. They have a link in the footer allowing users to unsubscribe, and users can set another frequency in their preferences, from every 30 minutes (!) to every two weeks or never.


Sounds like a good idea; go for it.


Enabled. Looking forward to seeing more returning users because of this weekly digest. :slight_smile:

I see that something was sent by Discourse to most old users 8 hours ago. No idea what that was, and not worth investigating.


Ah, now I see where the previous configuration came from: Join the meta discussion!


I’m pretty sure I have been getting digests since this instance was created. Or maybe it was disabled on upgrade somehow?


Maybe you enabled them in your profile? In any case, I believe I had never received them.


I’ve never received digests either; just individual notices (until those were turned off). Now I’ve got digests turned on, but I keep coming back to the site so have yet to have any delivered.