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Emails working?


I directed someone to sign up yesterday and they said they tried and never got an email.

Also, I tried to reset my password a few days ago and never received an email.

Just tried it again, still waiting for my email. :slight_smile:


Hm that’s no good!

I’ll see what’s going wrong.


Any ideas? Tried to get a password reset email again earlier today, no dice.


This is a problem related to

I have fixed it in but I cannot apply the fix here because we need 5GB of free space that we don’t have in this instance.

I’ll create a task to discuss what to do to get more available space and implement the changes needed.


Emails are working again. I’m very sorry that it took so long to get this fixed.



It seems like the backlog didn’t get sent out. I know that at least one person tried to sign up during this period - I suppose I’ll tell them to click the “forgot password” link.


There was a user created a few days ago that didn’t get any email, and I have re-sent their confirmation email.

There might have been more, but according to the default configuration that we are using, unconfirmed users are removed after 14 days.


Are tags a staff only thing? I’d like to mark this as resolved which per In addition to a way to mark a thread as resolved or something seems to be done with a #solved tag convention.


(Currently tags can be used by “Regular” users or with higher trust. I wouldn’t touch anything in this test instance anymore because I am hoping to be working soon in a proper instance in production, see here.)