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Chrome Shortcut Manager as a wikisource tool


Wikisource is different from other wiki projects, since there are few definite formatting standards, the aim of many from us being, do follow the edition/the book formatting standard. What wikisource users need (if they know a little bit of javascript) is, a tool to build fastly small editing/formatting tools to be used while editing one book, or few books to fix particular scannos or to apply a unusual, book-specific frequent code.

As soon as I found Chrome Shortcut Manager, I changed deeply my editing style, and perhaps I learned more about javascript. Do any of you use it? What about safety of this tool?

Here a brief introduction of the tool.


Sounds interesting. I don’t use Chrome, but perhaps I would if there was some compelling reason to. :slight_smile:

The link on the page you linked to seems to not work, and I can’t find Shortcut Manager by searching the Chrome web store. Any ideas?


You are right, I too get an error from Chrome store (“the article could be removed by author”); I wrote to its author for news.


So far, I didn’t get any reply by the author. I found that it is possible to export the code of an extension from Chrome folders, and to import it into a different pc; but I wonder if this is a good idea. What’s a pity! Shortcut manager is really a powerful tool - much more powerful, into wikisource environment, than one can imagine from examples of use of it.
Perhaps it has been removed because it was too powerful - then dangerous in some settings.


I’m partially replying to test discourse but I would imagine that there are
other ways to map keystrokes to specific actions?



I reckon there’s lots to be said for — perhaps the actions that this Chrome extension would do could be made as scripts on-wiki, so multiple users could benefit from them. Also would mean there’s no worry about the source code disappearing.


Very very interesting, thanks! I’ll study it and, if possible, I’d like that it will be imported into mul.source as soon as possible.
Yes, Shortcut Manager is written as a personal tool - running into a specific pc only - but it has a comfortable export/import function that allows sharing anything with other Chrome users with a banal copy-and-paste of text.


Oh cool, simple export-import sound really useful.

Within a single wiki, it’s easy enough to share scripts with e.g. importScript('User:Samwilson/CurlyQuotes.js'); but this isn’t possible between different wikis. (I think… actually, I’m not really sure…)


No, it isn’t possible, you should use the more complex mw.loaded.load().

About exporting Shortcut Manager functions, I opened much time ago a page with a collection of mini-scripts ready to be imported:
just as a fuzzy idea. It would be really simple to run them - but keep into consideration that SM can call any function running in browser’s page, and many functions in that scripts call specific it.source js functions, some of them deleted or wrapped into iffy structures, so that few. or none from them could run by now. Just an example!