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Blurring the distinction between mailing list and web forum



We are learning about mailing list / web forum integration in our neighbor Discourse instance:

Technically speaking, this scenario would be possible:

  • Mirror all mailing lists in Discourse as read-only categories.
  • Import all their archives as well.
  • Set these categories as Muted, so they don’t bother Discourse users with notifications, unless they explicitly “subscribe” to any of them.
  • This would create a huge searchable archive and the possibility to follow specific mailing lists easily from a single place.
  • Users registering to Discourse with the same email addresses that have used in mailing lists, would get all their posts assigned to their Discourse username, with the corresponding implications on trust levels and user profiles.
  • Mailing lists could decide to switch to Discourse at any time, with the likelihood that email-based users wouldn’t even notice a difference.

"mailing list mode" and syncing with mailing lists