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Bay Area Wikisalon renewal and metrics discussion



Hey folks, we have this grant renewal application that we’re working on over at and it turns out we need to complete the report on the initial one. I was just giving updates via the talk page (e.g., and spaced the formal report.

Wayne is stepping up to be the official grantee, which I greatly appreciate - and it makes sense since he’s been doing the lion’s share of the organizing work anyhow.

I started a draft at and open to any help anyone can offer. I think Wayne and I can handle the financial aspects.

Monthly summaries

We have some Google Sheets that we keep private for tracking RSVPs. But one of the ways we can keep track of our general progress and metrics is by providing good summaries at - maybe we should assign one organizer to fill in the summary for the event? We can rotate that duty.

Looks like we still need to complete July. We should make that summary complete so that people who contributed to the program by presenting get recognized for their contribution.


Off the top of my head, keeping rough track of attendees, organizers, and where the opportunity arises new editors / edits should be enough? In our initial grant, we proposed tracking attendees and organizers At some point maybe we could try to monitor something like edits - I know the WMF has built a fancy event software out there (anyone have a link?) and it would be cool to try it when we do a more edit-focused event.

Organizing tools and forums

Also, as a reminder we use for tasks and have some additional organizing at I’m a bit concerned that our organizing activities are sprawled out across too many websites.

Actions needed

  • more color in original report, possible Global Metrics details?
  • summary of July event


I would guess that James Hare is the author of the fancy group-tracking-gadget.


I think it’s

You can browse some programs at


The other (older, I think) such tool is Wikimetrics.