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April 2019 Bay Area WikiSalon

We’ve been bouncing around ideas for the April event via email and this 2019 talk pages consultation came up from Lane and Niki Open to discussion! There’s lots to discuss with talk pages.

As I mentioned via email, I originally heard about this via a weird place ( and it raises the question of how people hear about “inside” policy and tech stuff like this. I may take a stab at a lightning talk on how to monitor things like this, noting venues such as:

  • Signpost
  • RSS feeds for policy / talk pages - I do this a bit
  • Phabricator, Mediawiki and commit logs
  • wikimedia-l (or wikimedia-d, this thing)
  • Watching policy / guidelines pages and then checking your watchlist carefully
  • IRC chatrooms

We’d also been bouncing around the idea of a presentation on handy gadgets / plugins / protips.


:wave: hello hello. I am here, although I can email you as well. :slight_smile:

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Emailing me would probably be a better way to get hooked in for now! :slight_smile:

This is happening tomorrow, fyi