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About the wikimedia-d category


This is the main category on this site. This is a pilot installation of Discourse. This is a meant to be an alternative to wikimedia-l.


Is the idea (if Discourse were to be selected for use) that there would just be this one installation of it, and that individual wikis/groups/existing-lists would all be categories within here?


Hi Sam,

Thanks for asking. We’re piloting, figuring things out, looking what options we have, what works, and what not.
There is a whole range of mailing lists, see . Each mailing list could end up in its own category at one installation. An alternative would be having multiple installations. The request for a Discourse installation originated from the wikimedia-l list only however. But yes, I can imagine having as a platform for discussions as an alternative to the wikipedia-af mailing list.

For now this installation will only be for wikimedia-l and there are no requests for Discourse as an alternative to other mailing lists (yet).

How is this organized? Will there just be one Discourse install for all of WM?

Sounds cool. I must say that in the couple of hours I’ve been using it,
this Discourse seems better than mailing lists or wonkily-indented talk
pages! :slight_smile:

There was some small level of support on wikisource-l for trailing
Discourse I think. It was brought up, at least.

The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that my default I’m subscribed to
all categories… I guess if there were a hundred categories here I’d be
more interested in being subscribed only to ‘announcements’ or something
initially, so I could choose what else to follow. Perhaps I’m wrong
about how it’s set up though; I may have made it subscribe me somehow.


PS I’m replying by email, to see how that goes! Why’s it going to a address?!


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply. Thanks for confirming that reply by mail works. This is a pilot installation to figure things out, see how it works. For the mail function, see . It was a quick fix. It could be done. Setting up a mail address requires some more work. The gmail address suffices in showing that it can work.

You 're welcome to invite fellow wikisourcerers to join the discussion here.

You can set your preferences for categories here:
Thanks for bringing up the issue. It is possible to set up some default preferences for categories. When the number of categories grows these default preferences will probably be set.


Ah, that makes sense :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying.