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In addition to a way to mark a thread as resolved or something (7)
Emails working? (9)
Synchronization (12)
"mailing list mode" and syncing with mailing lists (13)
Blurring the distinction between mailing list and web forum (1)
Implement discourse as is or modify. What kinds of mods? (7)
Upgrading Discourse (13)
Assignment of user titles (2)
Request: sub category for local meetup/event planning (5)
How to use Discourse ( 2 ) (24)
Tags are disabled (5)
How to avoid scattering of information (2)
Let's talk about internationalisation and localisation (2)
Chatting in Discourse? (1)
Join the meta discussion! (10)
Enabling email digest (7)
Following topics and handling notifications (1)
This thing looks like a console (3)
Linking to Discourse with topic and category preloaded (1)
Rename test category as Sandbox (2)
"Your Discourse installation is out of date. Click here to upgrade." (12)
Learning about Discourse administration (6)
This site went down for a while? (1)
Have a conversation about migrating from GNU Mailman 2.1 to GNU Mailman 3 (6)
Private/secure/members-only categories? (1)
Wikimedians Digest on Discourse (4)
Thoughts on Discourse+MediaWiki integration? (20)
Where am I posting? (8)
How is this organized? Will there just be one Discourse install for all of WM? (2)
Pilot wikisource-l at Discourse (3)